“E-commerce application testing can be performing in well organized manner in case new releases are scheduled every month. In this case, we can follow below mentioned things:-

1. We can perform testing in the risk management process.

2. We can create effective test atmosphere.

3. We can start testing with development cycle.

4. User acceptance testing.

5. We can automate as much as possible”

For the new releases scheduled every month, new features being implemented should be tested exhaustively. In addition to the new functionalities, we must test critical and major functionalities related to security like network security, payment transaction security and performance of application since e-commerce application will be used widely. Also, since taxes and shipping charges keep on changing, so all calculations should be tested for every release.

“If you have got releases scheduled every month for an e-commerce application we must test below mentioned features exhaustively:


 New features being released

 Login feature

 Session time out

 Cookies

 SSL secured: https secured

 Payment Gateway integration with the application

 Randomly verifying your Customers data

 Regression Testing